Produce chocolates that generate added value to Amazonian inputs with an approach to environmental sustainability, social inclusion and food safety.


To be a company recognized for the quality of its products, innovation, with a national presence.

100% natural ingredients

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Organic cocoa

100% natural

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Nativos Chocolates Amazónicos

Our originality lies in our chocolate formulations, offering unique and innovative flavors. Our products are special thanks to our different combinations of the best of San Martin’s cocoa and exotic fruits or Amazonian aphrodisiac liquors from Peru, such as camu camu, cocona, Uvachado liquor and Chuchuwasi liquor among others.

The Team behind the Quality

Meet the Team

“ I am just speechless! You have the best customer service. I appreciate all you do. I love your chocolates and I will keep coming back. Thank you so much.”

Vanessa Gilmor

One of the reasons why I like the chocolate of Nativos so much is because their products are 100% natural. When you taste the chocolate, regardless of the flavour, you can clearly feel the pulp of the fruit when you are savouring with your palate. And this fruit together with chocolate generate a unique sensation of taste, of exquisiteness. Since I am not only a lover of chocolate but also of coffee, the flavour that I can recommend since I love this flavour, is the chocolate tablet with coffee beans.

Karol Joseph Vela Pizarro

I think it’s excellent that it’s only women working because women have another work spirit. They work a lot with harmony, they are very creative, very intelligent. Which makes us super different, because it’s when you work with your heart that the best flavors come to life!

Anlly Paola Araujo

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